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”I sat there for a couple of minutes while Becky got used to the sensations of my finger up her butt. While I waited, her internal muscles kept clin...hing on my finger. It was uncomfortably tight. I couldn’t imagine what that kind of squeezing would do to my dick if I ever managed to get it in there.“OK, try to move your finger in and out a little,” Becky told me as her breathing settled down. “Go slow!”I did as she directed, slowly moving my finger in and out about an inch at a time as Becky. My beautiful pet needed no further encouragement as her orgasm burst forth and she cried out in pleasurable release. I kept the pace up through her orgasm feeling her pussy clamp down on my own raging cock. Damn she felt good! When the waves of her orgasm faded, I pulled out of her dripping pussy and spun her around. She instantly dropped to her knees on my jacket that I had laid down for her and she took my cock into her wet mouth. She began sucking and licking my aching cock until within a. She was dying to leave, already half dizzy due to the sips of that sweet and strong beat, went and came back with the bill. Maguila took a large package with 100 dolars bills from his pocket (he had received a good amount of money for a job done) and left Clarinha with her face a little impressed with so much money. The other three have already been lowering the doors and locking with the padlock and the three are already outside the bar, only with a door with a crack in the floor, as agreed. Kafi der kiss karne ke baad meine ek haath se uske ek boobs ko dabana shuru kar diya aur woh aanhe bharne lagi..Aaaaaahhhh aaaaahhhhh. meine uska ek haath pakad kar apne lund pe rakh diya to woh use sahlane lagi, mera lund to jeans ko jaise faad ke bahar aa jayega aisa lag raha tha. Mein apne doosre haath se uski chut ko upar se hi ragdne laga, woh bahut garam ho rahi thi to meine uski top ke ninche se hi uske boobs tak hath daal diya aur uske boobs top ke andar hi bra se bahar nikal diye aur.

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