Dicked Down In Detention

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I worked as he tore them off to silence me, his cock still swollen and dripping as I tapped the desk, indicating I wanted him to bend across, just as ... had a few moments earlier.He was still in his jacker and shirt with tie, in fact it made him more nude down below, when viewed in that context.I brought the cane down with all my power across the backs of his thighs and marveled as the red line appeared instantaneously, and immediately pulled the cane upright for a second beating, but he slid. 'Pull the other one Lee'Lee: Nah straight up...wanted to make it special like. Gonna go to waste now.My heart bled for him. He really wanted to make an effort.'Thats a shame Lee'Lee: Did you want to ring up a mate like...take a girl mate along I wont be needing them.I considered it but felt wrong. I made a suggestion to him as the best alternative.'Well us two singletons could go and use the tickets...we havent really spoken that much in the two years we have known each other'The suggestion was. . Time was flying by so I thought upon a plan..Then I seated myself in such a way that my elbow would rest just close to her delicious boobs perceiving a touch with her boobs as and when the crowd in the bus adjusted themselves……. and fortunately for me it happened within few minutes…….when the first time the crowd moved a bit my elbow brushed softly against her right boob….. I felt an electric current in me.But I wondered what went through her mind so I turned to her and looking straight into. I went over to the toolbox corral (a fenced area where all the toolboxes were kept after the millwright completed their shift) and pulled over the same toolbox that Howard was using the day before. When I got back to the machine Howard was telling a group of men what they were supposed to do. He saw me coming and asked "where are you taking my tool box?" I figured you would want it over here to take this thing apart", I said."This thing is a new in-feed drive for a 2500 Debarker", he spat.

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