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The taste of his pre-cum just made me want him more. We got in a sixty nine position and he worked my pussy over with his toungue. I rolled him onto back and mounted him. The feel of his hard dick sliding into my wet cunt is a feeling that I will not forget. Once I was all the way down on him I started working my pussy all around his cock. I could not believe that I had such a good looking young man deep in my pussy and I was going to make him remember this. I have cheated on my husband. "Beverly said, "Yes, we met up last night and caught up on old times, wehad a fling when we were in college."I recovered from my shock and said, "You were lovers?" Yes, my darling we were and now we can have a double wedding."I kissed mom and said, "That would be so wonderful, but won't it be abit much to have it all on the same day." Maybe it will be, we can decide later, it was just a thought."I did the toast, "To Mom and Beverly may you have much happinesstogether."There were kisses. Not seeing Riley, he asks, “Where did Riley go?”“She went to go take a shower,” she answers with a grin. Both her hands begin moving, one slowly stroking his cock and the other moving between her thighs. “She offered for me to join her, but I figured I’d stay here and wait for you to wake up.” She spreads slightly and he sees her hand resting on her crotch, her middle finger disappearing inside her juicy cunt. “I watched you two last night,” she blurts out.“What did you think about it?” Justin. For my part, I ran my hands up and down her sides, grabbing handfuls of Katie’s ass cheeks and guiding her back and forth on my rod before moving up to cup her firm tits and roll her stiff rubbery nipples between my fingers. She had her eyes closed in ecstasy most of the time, but whenever she opened them, she’d smile and whisper, “I love you,” to me.One time she bent down to kiss me but sat right back up. “You almost popped right into me,” she giggled. “And I almost wanted to let you, but I’m.

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