Exotic Babe Rachel Gives Her Man A Nice Massage Fuck

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I was miffed to hear the owners talk that way, Iseemed biased to me but what could I do? They wouldn’tcare about what a lowly Head Cashier thoug...t. And theymight decide to save even more money by replacing me.It was selfish, I know, but I couldn’t afford to losethe job.I liked having Asians as my supervisors, though myimmediately supervisor was Hispanic. She was the FrontEnd Manager right from the opening of the store. Butwhen the Asians came in she was bumped down slightly.She was. I moaned. "Oh, yes. Fuck me," I begged."Slut, that was so hot! I cannot believe you actually did that," she said as she started moving in and out. As she started fucking me as I was bent over the table in the cheap motel unit. "That you sucked the cum out of a total stranger, not even seeing who they were. You really are a slut." And with each word she thrust against me, into me."And you did this for me." Thrust. Pump. Thrust. "Because I wanted it." Thrust. She was pressing me into the table. I immediately recognized the footage as our past game against Miami. As he fast forward the film, I noticed each play was filmed from two angles. One high behind the offensive line, the other high above both the offense and defense. You could go back and forth and see different angles on each play we ran. The discs were edited so that only our offensive series were on these discs. He quickly found the play he had been looking for.“Ok, now I want you to watch this. The play was Quad, Dual Trips,. She was jizzed from head to toe and felt a spatula was needed to remove the cum cake from her body. The spunk clung to her skin and hair in varying consistency, some already hardened like glue, still more like gelatin, and some cum still wet to the touch. What a dirty slut she was&hellip,.finally! As she cleaned each part of her defiled body she remembered the cock or cocks that spit their load on that specific area. She recalled the facial expressions and exclamations of her violators and her.

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