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A few extra bubbles burst over us. I know I shrieked when he managed to suck and lick right in the crease over a nerve.He carefully dried off the spot...then gently bent the leg he'd been holding up so the knee was bent and pulled almost up to my tit. He got his arm on top of it, folded his elbow and stroked my ass with his hand. "It gets better -- just wait."With more water, he "cleaned" my bottom thigh within a few inches of my pussy. I then felt and heard him slurp up the fresh flow we'd. In short, she was classically beautiful. Her build and facial features were not unlike Smita Patil’s (a great actress of yesteryear) except that Kirti lacked her smoldering sensuality. In fact, Kirti radiated a serene, childlike innocence. Perhaps her natural feminine instincts towards the opposite sex had not yet been awakened. She had none of Swati’s sauciness. What a contrast between two sisters! Swati joined us after a while. She had showered, changed into a formal silk sari and put on. I’m watching you play with my smooth hairless pussy, watching your fingers gently rolling around my clit. With your other hand you probe inside me and find a place that finds the most wonderful sensation I’ve ever experienced and a waterfall, one which surprises us both, soaks you, satisfies me, and makes your cock grow hard. Now I’m using my fingers to scoop my own juices into my mouth, I could say that I’m doing it to drive you wild and I suppose I am but I do taste. Kelly said to me, "Susie, come here and look in the mirror, what do yousee?" I looked and then said, "The three of us - why?" "Exactly," sheexclaimed, "three very fit, very sexy girls, Take a good look atyourself; I mean take a really good look!"I looked in the mirror and began to see what they meant, my face washeart shaped, high cheekbones, my neck was slender leading to my creamyshoulders, hairless arms and quite delicate fingers, my C cup breaststhrust forward, down to my very slender waist.

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