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Muzhe baban ne kaha tha ki andar jaane se pehele char baar door ko khat khatane kaha tha.. Maine waise hi kiya..Andar se aawaj aai… Andar aajao..Ek ...urat bed pe baithe the mere taraf peet kar k..Muzha se raha nahe gaya muzhe us ki peet main apani maa dikhai de rahi the…To maine ne use zhat se use piche se pakad liya aur usee.. Us zhopade main light nahe the sirf diye jal rahe the par us aurt ki khub surati us maine bhe bhot achi lag rahe the..Maine use apani taraf ghumaya aur us ka face dekha. Thanks for having my back and . . . for taking such good care of my heart.” “I love you Emmy. You're my princess!” “I love you, Robbie, you are my hero!!” “I was going for knight in shiny armor, but I guess I'll take hero.” “You can have any title you like my dear…. Bye, bye.” “Bye, bye.” About 20 minutes later, my phone rang and I rushed to my cell phone hoping it was Emmy, and answered it without looking, “Hello?” “Hi, Robbie,” Pam’s voice responded. “I just talked with Jenn, what happened?”. "She said some really mean things about you."Jefferson straightened immediately. "Me?" She said," a new round of sobs shook Traci's shoulders. "She said you were a killer and a drug dealer." What?" Mandy said she was working for some foundation that hunts down criminals. She said they were after you because you were the king pin of this new drug called Nerve-something. I told her she was crazy that you would never hurt anyone like that, but she said they have proof. She's lying, isn't she,. .Flashback – Masha – Ministering to JackAs I walked toward the room where we sequestered Jack, I pondered the situation with Tatiana and Ben because it resembled my situation with Jack. I realized that Tatiana had already decided, as I had also determined, coercion of sensitive information from our boyfriends was not in our best interests. I was Tatiana's superior and I could shield her, but unfortunately I had no one above me who I could rely upon to shield me. I began to formulate a possible.

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