Srilankan Bhabhi In Sofa Guy Playing With Her Huge Booobs

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I took him as deep as I could, gagging right away. I couldn't get past my gag reflex. Every story I read was a lie, I couldn't power through it, take ...t, and breathe through my nose.I choked going back down, I tried to take it all. Coughing, choking, spitting... it was all too much. I wrapped my fingers around the base and started stroking. Only taking in as much of his cock as I could, stroking the rest."That's it slut, do your best. Prove your mouth is worth my cum."His words hurt, I was. Saying this she removed her pant and underwear in front of me showing her pussy. Although I was about to get ready, I removed all my clothes and stood there with my dick slowing standing up. She came and jumped on me. We hugged, kissed and fell on the bed. We were so in mood that we didn’t spend time on foreplay. She was already wet and I was hard so we started fucking each other. I thrust my dick as deep as possible making her moan. She was like oh my, fuck me, that feels so good, you’re a. This lady was serious. She meant business on our first date. I could not believe what was happening. This must be surreal. Was she willing to go the whole way already? My imagination was running uncontrollably wild. “Control yourself, boy,” I scolded, "Don’t blow it.” My thoughts were indeed freewheeling. There I was totally naked, exposing my all-over tan and, of course, my throbbing cock which had now become rock-hard, with a fully blown head starting to turn purple from excitement. Would it. He wanted to play blackjack anyway. He headed for the $25 table. He had started with a limit of $500 to bet with. He made a $150 so he put that in his right pocket. He waited for an opening at the table. Finally a man got up and left. Matt took his place. He put $200 on the table. The dealer took his money and gave him some chips. He placed his bet. He won the first one then lost the next two. Then he got on a roll. He won five hands in a row. He knew his limit. One more hand and he was done,.

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