Flawless Skin And The Perfect Ass Of The Muslim Bhabhi

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.”She was scratching the bed sheet in ecstasy. I was licking her nipple slowly and it was making her more horny. (I hope a girl reading this can ima...ine it). My penis was poking over her thighs.I then moved to her navel which was really a beautiful creation of God. I was crawling my fingers over her sexy navel and kissing on the belly button and licking it. It was unbearable for her to act normal and she was moaning continuously now. But I was still taking my time as I don’t like to rush. Milly shivered slightly at his touch and her breathing came in short gasps. He reached the top of her cheeks and because she hadn’t told him otherwise continued. Her feet shuffled apart and she bent slightly forward as Peter stroked her bottom. As his hand slipped into the crack, Milly bent even further forward, allowing his fingers travel further round between her legs. He understood that she was enjoying this, but he had not finished washing her, so he continued down her legs until he. Molly was listening at her bedroom door as her dad entered the bathroom, she was still wet, and not only her body and hair, her pussy was positively soaked after that orgasm. She waited a while for her father to get into the full throes of wanking. She was hoping that he would be extremely desperate this morning after what he had just witnessed.Molly crept from her room with the towel around her body. She never even bothered getting the chair to see if her father was wanking. What she was about. We could hear the sound of my pussy lips and inner vaginal walls clamping down on his cock! He was making corkscrew thrust and motions into my waiting and willing pussy as I gently rolled my hips and cried out softly uh huh uh huh oh yes baby fuck mommy give mommy that cock she so loves. I was gripping the bed sheets and moving my head back and forth as I felt another orgasm starting to build up. My son was saying oh god mom you’re pussy is like a fire pit oh god it’s so hot and wet oh shit mom.

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