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She stroked it a few times, then whispered into my ear: "Pretend that it's just us here together, OK Daddy?" Then she kissed me passionately. Suddenly...we were in a private bubble of feeling, my prick was hard again, and I could slip it into her warm body. It was just the two of us; Short and Tall had become invisible. It was magical; we were holding each other closely and deeply. Soon Annie began moaning and snapping her pelvis up to meet me. She would waggle her hips vigorously, pause, moan,. "Gwen nodded. "I thought so, too, but something has gone very badly wrong." She fumbled in her purse for cigarettes, knocked one from the pack, and sat smoking in short, heavy puffs, her eyes studying Don Robinson. It was like going to sleep and picking up a fresh installment of an old nightmare.Gwen had been in her senior year at college-Reckardsville University, one of Ohio's mass-market institutions of higher learning-when she had first met Don Robinson. God, she thought, he had been so. The men enjoyed playing handball and golf as well as going to Marshall University football and basketball games. The women joined a bridge club, never giving a clue that they were involved in such an unusual sexual relationship. In that regard Penny and Cherie would frequently spend their lunch hours in one or the other’s apartment, enjoying a little bi-sexual R&R.It was in the summer of 1964 when the four of them rented a motorhome and visited a nudist camp near Virginia Beach. Initially,. " I feel perfect here." Yes, you do."Giggle. "YOU feel perfect here." And she wiggled 'here' for me to emphasize her point."If you do that too much..." I'll come my brains out." And what would I do with a sixteen year old with no brains?" Why don't we find out?" And she clamped her mouth to mine.God, she gets me going. The only thing that saves me is that when she does one of these sessions, she is, in her terms, 'pre-loaded', so when I lose control, she's already there waiting for me. Or vice.

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