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’ Brandon only laughed in response. All they had to show for the last six months was a single. A hit single that had gone to No.1 the very day it re...eased. The song was everywhere, the video was on every TV channel, and they were apparently the next big pop act of the UK. Yes, they had made a little bit of money, earned quite a bit of fame, seen their faces and names on every channel and every tabloid, and eventually got tired of hearing their own voices on radio. But they were still young lads. Nana lived across town, which meant that I had to walk about ten blocksbefore I reached her neighborhood, and another three to get to herhouse. Along the way I practiced how I walked, and used my arms. On theoutside I looked like a calm young lady on a mission; on the insidehowever, I was a quivering mass of nerves. I had no idea what she wouldsay, or do, when she saw me. As I walked along I saw other people, somewaved, some smiled, but most just went about their business. As I turnedthe corner. "OK, I'll give it a try." Fine! Why don't you go work with Rachel's parents to learn what you'llneed to know and do." Then seeing her superior officer squirming aroundnext to Dave, she added, "Greg, why don't Dave and you take a breakoutside. I'll handle trying to coach Lori and Rachel on being us."Dave watched as TJ, fidgeting in his dress, adjusted his bra strapbefore going out to the other room with Barbara to prepare TJ, before hehad to assume Barbara's identity. Dave then took the small. The pub was just like I left it the night before. I went to the pub for a least an hour or two every night. I made sure everything was going smoothly. I knew The Brit would never ask for help, but I intended to be there if he needed it. He was the only friend I had left. Plus we were in the Mary Ellen thing together.The first thing I did to prepare for the evening's customers was to wash the beer mugs from the night before. The sink was three stainless steel thing. The first sink was filled.

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