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He pulled out again, making me whimper as he did. I dug my nails into his back as he thrust back into me hard. He let out a moan and started slowly love to me, his daughter. The pain was almost all gone, he was going in a smooth rhythm, pulling out slowly and then slamming his cock back deep inside of me. I moaned with each penetrating thrust. He felt so good inside me. "Please Daddy, don't tease me anymore." I begged him, the slow thrust of his cock, teasing me like hell, sending me. The cabin also contained a fold-down table which I set up with my laptop computer so I could work on the story while I travelled. Once things were settled in my cabin, I went to go have a look around. I couldn't very well write a story about modern day train travel without talking to a few of my fellow passengers and having a look around. So grabbing my camera and a notepad, I locked my cabin door and went forward to see who I could find to interview. The first "victims" I found to interview. She asked `what the hell is this`? i told her it was a joke and that i was sorry and explained it wasn`t meant for her,she sat opposite me crossing her legs and tapped the tip of her pen on the notepad asked me `what do you think ive got to do Daz`? ,`Sack me i said` gingerly,`look im sorry Jane,ive messed up and it was a mistake,it wont happen again` i quickly added.Jane agreed it was a sackable offence but would keep it from her boss and keep it between us if i promised to do one. .she was now only covered by her extremely wet blue panties which i helped her out off. her panties were soaked and i kissed the wetness on it and pushed it into my jean pocket as a souvenier...i spread her legs wide and kissed her inner thighs moving onto the sweet core... i licked her outer lips and her clit sucking on the clit...she pulled my face closer to her pussy and i pushed my tongue into her pussy opening and moved it in and out , in and out over and over again....she was crying,.

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Mandya Sex Video Kannada Village In Karnataka indian porn

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