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Tough QuestionsAfter entering the sorority, and getting permission from the House Mother, Gerry addresses the house members as a group. The House Moth...r has them gather in the lounge room at 7:30 a.m.: all of the staff and students. They’re all surprised to see the adults being ordered about by a high-school senior.Standing in the lounge room Gerry faces the group, “Yesterday a group of five girls went out to shop and promptly vanished. They’ve been gone just under twenty-four hours. Despite. I gasped, heaving a final time, then collapsed back on the bed, James squeezing my butt-cheeks.“Oh, yes, that was sooooo good,” I moaned. “Now I need your big, hard cock in me.”“Yes,” James growled, rising up my body. He rubbed his cock up and down my pussy then rammed it in me.I shuddered, my pussy embracing my son’s cock. He was back where he belonged: inside me. A small orgasm rippled through me, my pussy writhing about his cock as he drew back. I whimpered in delight, his strong body over. Now just relax.” He gave my twat a little poke, then another. Finally on about the forth try his cockhead pried me open enough to enter me. It did hurt and I said so. Larry paused and then pushed a little more in me. I bit my lip and endured the mixture of pain and pleasure as he worked himself into my vagina till I had taken about two thirds of his massive prick. I was stretched so wide I couldn’t believe it and I was sure that I was ripped and would be bleeding. He stopped there and. By now her nipple was completely visible. She just stood there pretending to view the shot from another angle but she was really just letting them all have a good look at her tits.By now all the drink we had had was having another affect on me, I needed to pee, so I excused myself and went off to the loo. As I left, Lucy was making her way back to the lads side of the table to take her shot.As I go to the toilet door, I glanced round to see her asking for advice on the shot, and Steve had taken.

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