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I asked her to stand up while I sat down in the chair.She stood in front of me eyes wide in anticipation feeling happy that I was paying her attention... “Turn around for me please Tiff, I want to just check your physical size” I instructed and she happily turned around.Her chequered dress was actually quite short and the material was quite thin and while I saw no outline of a bra I did see the outline of her regulation white cotton panties, her legs were quite thin and she had little white ankle. The device is two hundred feet directly in front of us with a detection sensor near the explosive,” Lyman said.“Very well. Time?” the General asked.“Ten seconds to detonation. 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1 ... now,” a sergeant said.Everyone looked out and watched a blast of light as the device detected the explosion and fired its pulse through its emitters. The two energies collided in less than half a second and they all watched as the blast vanished. It had been completely neutralised. I was on my own, so it seemed.I told Maria I was going for a walk on the beach to smoke a cigar. She nodded her head and said to not stay out too late.I made my way out of the restaurant and on to the beach. Lighting a cigar on the beach is not easy, but somehow, I managed. I took off my shoes and socks and parked them near a cabana where I could find them later. I wondered out to listen to the pounding of the waves on the sandy beach.There were several couples walking the beach, along with a. I replied with a very wide eyed but a very sexy, “Me either,” and then I laughed and he relaxed and laughed too. I sipped my drink, thanked him, and suggested we get the business part of things over with so we could get on to the fun. Brian went to his wallet and started to hand me the money and I discreetly pointed to the bar. “Put it there I whispered,” and he smiled again nervously. I reassured him that it was okay and sat down in one of the chairs near the table. I asked him to tell me a.

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