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’ She unbuttoned her pajama top, dropped it to the floor, and stood there, nude, smiling at Bobby. Bobby stared at the lovely girl’s nude body, re...ishing what he saw. When she entered the shower, he shed the sweat suit he was wearing and joined her. ‘I can’t get over how gorgeous you are,’ he exclaimed as he stood in the open shower door, gazing at Lana’s finely-formed body, on which jewel-like droplets of water glistened. Lana felt herself blush. ‘Come here, cousin,’ she said, and held out her. Luckily, this one offered more than just beef and beans. I was able to enjoy a platter of the miscellaneous Mexican goodies that I had developed a taste for during my stay in Mexico a few years ago. I was trying to get Jeff to like it, too, but he seemed to be stuck on beef and beans.We had just finished, paid our bill, and stepped out onto the sidewalk when there arose the clatter of gunfire from up the street. A few moments later, four men came tearing by us, firing their guns behind them and. After a few moments she decided she would surprise him with a visit to the big tub where he lay silently enjoying the moment…she brought herself to the edge of the bed and wrapped his dress shirt around her shoulders. She found it lying on the floor. As she wrapped it around her body she could smell him… Taking it all in she slowly moved towards the bathroom anticipating his reaction… He was thinking about the day and was deep into the tub when he felt her hands slip over his shoulders…’ Want. It had been an hour since my mom and brother had left, and I hoped they’d have better weather where they were going because it was pouring with rain here. I had ordered pizza and was in my brothers downstairs room (the rest of the house is on top of a bank) that opens out onto the driveway. He has his own TV, a little coffee table and a rather uncomfortable couch, and I was sitting on his queen-sized bed up against the headboard. There wasn’t really anything to watch, which I’ve never.

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