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He came in and sat down on the couch and I offered him a drink. I get his beer and return it to him and I go to my room. I have a plan,now this plan i... either going to work or it is going to blow up big time in my face,but no guts,no glory,right? Once in my room,I put on a pair of red satin panties and matching bra,black thigh highs and black heels,my hair was already shoulder length,so no wig needed. I put on some bright red lipstick and a bit of eye makeup, slip on my one piece black. ” I responded, “I just don’t want us to be awkward with each other after tonight.”“Everything will be fine.” she answered.Jen leaned over me and put her mouth on mine kissing me softly. I pulled her close to me, responding to her lips with mine. She slid her tongue between my lips and reached for mine. I felt Tiffany moving in the bed and soon she was between my legs, both hands on my cock. Jen released me and continued kissing me, as Tiffany’s warm wet mouth surrounded my cock. In no time, she. ‘Bill has run off with Jane!’ Anne really did sob then. ‘Silly Bastards both of them, it will never last. I am shutting up for a while and going on a cruise but before then I need your body for a day perhaps two this Saturday and Sunday. After your last performance you may need to take Monday off as well.’ ‘Not another football team?’ I enquired. ‘No Joyce-Lynne I think I have found you a man, he wants to meet you and err… try you out!’ ‘This is no way to begin a relationship.’ I thought to. Our school is an inner London school and so we have classes and offices in a sort of tower block. My office is at the top of one of these blocks on the fifth floor, great view and no one around after school. Sara is there first and I get her to come in and to wait in the adjoining office for Robert to arrive. She looks really cute in her school uniform. When Robert arrives he is all cocky and full of himself. I tell him to come in and shut and then lock the door after him. He sits himself down.

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